Luxury property in Russia is an exclusive market consisting of penthouses and luxurious apartments found mostly within Moscow’s central districts such as Ostozhenka, Yakimanka and Ramenki.


Russian real estate has long been a favorite investment among oligarchs, particularly Moscow luxury homes that provide access to some of its most exclusive streets. Demand for these properties decreased during the global financial crisis and prices declined accordingly, yet now seem to be steadily climbing again; nevertheless, Moscow remains one of the most popular global cities for purchasing luxury home.

Russia lies at the intersection of Europe and Asia, boasting a vibrant cultural heritage evident in its many magnificent palaces and magnificent fountains. Covering over half the time zones on Earth and bordering no less than 18 other nations, its geographical diversity makes Russia one of the most appealing living environments worldwide.

At one time, high-end property was frequently seen as an effective means of mitigating inflation and investing money. Today, Russians still favor owning real estate as an easy and secure form of wealth accumulation; even as their economy slows and political tensions intensify. Yet luxury real estate continues to flourish on its market.

Luxury apartment buildings on the Russian property market are defined by large apartment complexes featuring luxury finishes and amenities, such as private gardens and pools, with high-end finishes and finishes that include Tverskaya, Khamovniki, Presnensky Yakimanka Zamoskvorechye Ramenki. Many Russian celebrities and politicians live here.

Luxury apartments in Moscow can be found across a range of locations, from the inner city to its suburban fringes. Most luxury apartments are part of residential complexes featuring amenities and a security system; often designed by top architects with interiors finished using high-end materials; some upscale apartments may even feature gyms and spas for added convenience.

Some Russians are looking to diversify their portfolios by purchasing real estate in the United States, particularly New York City. Some buyers have attempted to secure luxury properties owned by oligarchs that may soon need selling due to financial exigencies.

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is an elegant city filled with luxurious imperial palaces and extravagant fountains, earning it the moniker “Venice of the North”, “Window to Europe”, and Cultural Capital of Russia. Numerous rivers run through Saint Petersburg including Neva River and Fontanka River; its center features numerous palaces built over time for generations of Romanov Dynasty as well as churches.

Saint Petersburg is home to some of Russia’s most renowned museums and monuments, including the Hermitage Museum which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and serves as an artistic and musical hub. Luxury homes in Saint Petersburg can often be found near Hermitage or Nevsky Street and feature high ceilings as well as panoramic views – making them attractive investments among both Russians and international investors alike.

Saint Petersburg offers investors looking for luxury homes the ideal conditions for purchasing them during Russia’s recession, when prices plummet dramatically and investors can purchase properties to renovate and resell later. Demand has dropped considerably for new builds leading to further price reductions on even new luxury properties.

At present, JamesEdition offers 272 luxury homes for sale in St. Petersburg at prices ranging from 497,914 USD to 12,971,728 USD. These homes boast high-quality finishes and amenities like spa bathrooms, private balconies, and high ceilings – providing users with an opportunity to search according to size and location preferences.

Corinthia St. Petersburg provides luxurious apartments in Tsentralny district of Saint Petersburg. This gorgeous residence is surrounded by Russia’s cultural capital’s iconic theaters and galleries such as Lensoviet Theatre which occupies an imposing 19th-century mansion; Antonov and D137 galleries feature cutting-edge contemporary works; while The Hermitage Museum stands as one of the greatest repositories of art in the world – just a short stroll away!


Luxury property in Russia can be found anywhere from historic city centers to rural regions. Popular destinations for purchasing include Moscow and St. Petersburg with their impressive monuments and historical buildings; Sochi on the Black Sea; Altai Mountains for skiing/hiking/biking adventures, etc.

Russia’s real estate market is flourishing, as more high-net-worth individuals invest in luxury properties. Unfortunately, Russia imposes stringent laws regarding non-resident real estate investments; as an example, non-residents must pay 30 percent capital gains tax when selling any properties – an important consideration when purchasing real estate in Russia.

Russia is an enormous country, home to diverse regions each boasting their own culture. Krasnoyarsk in Siberia stands out as being rich with natural resources – producing 80% of Russia’s nickel, 75% of cobalt and 16% of coal production respectively. Furthermore, this area is famous for the spectacular rock formations in Stolby nature reserve that make for spectacular viewing experiences.

Krasnoyarsk boasts both natural beauty and a vibrant economy, being home to several large industrial corporations and serving as a center for Siberian sports such as rugby union and bandy. Furthermore, this city serves as a popular tourist attraction, featuring landmarks such as Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station dam and Karaulna Gora hill with Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel as major draws.

Krasnoyarsk boasts its own airport that connects directly with Russia’s domestic and international flight networks, boasting an annual passenger load of more than 5 million. Additionally, this city is served by numerous rail and bus lines and private charter flights which service it.

Krasnoyarsk’s real estate market is experiencing rapid expansion with new developments and an expanding population. Residential property in Krasnoyarsk can offer investors numerous investment opportunities from land to rental units; investors can even buy properties needing renovation to resell for profit later. Or they can invest in an REIT focused solely on properties in Krasnoyarsk.


Russia straddles both Europe and Asia, offering many vibrant cities that boast luxury properties – Moscow and St Petersburg being two popular options among wealthy buyers, but Rostov-on-Don also remains attractive as an investment destination for luxury real estate purchases.

City is an industrial hub located within South Russia. Once part of the Cossack empire, now one of the most heavily industrialized areas. Rich with natural resources and protected from colder temperatures by the Caucasus Mountains.

Recent years in Moscow have witnessed an exponential rise in construction of apartments and office buildings, which in turn drove up luxury property prices in the area. Unfortunately, economic issues in Russia have resulted in decreased demand for high-end properties; year-on-year sales of elite segment new builds decreased 44% according to real estate agency NF Group.

If you are considering purchasing or leasing luxury property in Rostov-on-Don, make sure that you are well informed of both its market and local regulations – this will help to ensure you obtain the best value on your investment.

Before making any final decisions regarding travel to Russia, be sure to review any relevant travel advisories from your home country. These advisories provide up-to-date information regarding safety, health, and any other potential concerns which could hinder your plans.

Rostov-on-Don offers many luxurious apartment and villa options to meet every family’s need, as well as numerous activities to keep everyone entertained and active. Experience local cuisine while strolling along the waterfront or visit world-famous ice sculptures at Ice World.

Rostov offers several museums and art galleries that will enhance cultural experiences for those visiting. The Museum of Russian Culture provides an insightful look into Russian history and culture, while Rostov State Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings and sculptures worth visiting.