Can you fly with overweight bags?

What happens if your bag is over 23kg

If you need to take a checked bag that is heavier than your 23 kg ticket allowance but still under the airport team handling limit of 32 kg, you will have to pay a charge at the airport known as a “Heavy Bag Charge”.

What happens if my checked bag is overweight

Overweight, oversized and extra bags

Bags weighing more than 70 pounds (32 kilograms) but less than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) will be charged at a rate up to $400 per bag, depending on the destination. These charges are in addition to any charge assessed for additional or oversized bags.

How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost

However, excess baggage can be purchased in order to carry more. There are two ways you can purchase excess baggage: At the airport – If only additional weight is being carried, you will be charged INR 600 per kg (inclusive of taxes), irrespective of the fare you selected.

Are airlines strict with baggage weight

Most airlines are extremely strict checking your baggage weight and will charge you an outrageous amount of money for over their set limit. If you expect to go over the limit it is cheaper to buy the extra weight when you book the flight online.

What if my luggage is 4 kg overweight

Cough up and pay the excess

There's a weight limit per suitcase, mainly because it becomes a health issue for baggage handlers. Depending on how many kilos over your suitcase is, you might have a few extra kilos spare where you can pay a fee to let your suitcase go through.

Can you put 30 kg in one bag

No, a couple cannot carry 30 kg of single baggage luggage if they are individually allowed 15 kg of luggage in domestic air travel.

How much does an overweight bag cost

*Beginning 8/15/2023, Overweight Checked Bags will cost $100 per bag (51-70 lbs.) OR $125 per bag (71-100lbs).

How much is 1 kg extra baggage in international


Baggage (International) Currency At Airport Per Kg
Ex-India to Male INR 1000
Ex-India to Doha INR 1000
Ex-India to Hongkong INR 1500
Ex-India to Kuwait INR 1200

Are airlines strict about 23kg

You might get up to a certain weight free -this is usually around 23kg per passenger- but it varies between airlines. On some airlines, you can buy extra luggage weight if you think you're going to go over the limit.

Why do airlines restrict weight to 23kg

The recommendations for checked baggage are: advised maximum weight 23 kg (50.7 lbs), weight limit 32 kg (70.6 lbs), advised maximum size 158 cm (62.2 in) length + width + height, limit 203 cm (nearly 80 in). The limit of 23 kg is present because of similar limits in health and safety regulations.

Is 4.5 kg heavy for a suitcase

On average, an empty softside large checked suitcase weighs 9. 91 lbs (4.50 kg).

Can I carry 32 kg in flight

The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg/71 lb. This rule is applicable on the entire Air India network. For tickets issued effective 01 April 2019, free baggage allowance in economy class between India to Newark (EWR) is one piece of up to 23 kg/51 lb.

Which airlines allow 30kg

Note: No free baggage will be applicable for infant.

Check-in Baggage
Airline Rest of the World
ETIHAD 30 kg
VIRGIN ATLANTIC 2 pieces, 23 kg each

How do I know if my suitcase is too heavy

If both sides of the scale are balanced, your suitcase weighs around 50 pounds. If the scale tips toward your suitcase, it's overweight. Remove some items to reduce the weight. If the scale tips toward the household items, your suitcase is under the limit.

Why do airlines charge for overweight baggage

Weight costs money to carry, and not just in fuel burn. Luggage shares its volume with cargo, which airliners from the A320 up are designed to carry in the hold. Lately, cargo tends to get become more profitable than passenger service.

Can I take 1 kg extra in flight

Hand Baggage: One hand bag up to 7 kgs and 115 cms (L+W+H), shall be allowed per customer. For contactless travel we recommend to place it under the seat in front, on board. Additional Piece(s): Charges at the airport – Additional pieces of baggage will be chargeable at a rate of INR 1000 per piece.

Which airline allows 32 kg baggage

Infants will be entitled to one collapsible stroller/carrycot/infant car seat. The maximum weight permissible for a single piece of baggage is 32 kg/71 lb. This rule is applicable on the entire Air India network.

Can I take more than 7 kg in flight

Domestic flights

Additional charges may apply for excess baggage. Only one bag weighing not more than 7 kgs. Only one bag weighing not more than 8 kgs. *Disclaimer: For flights under Vande Bharat Mission, the baggage allowance will 25kg (check-in baggage) +7kg (hand baggage).

Can I check in 7kg luggage

The majority of airlines allow between 7kg to 10kg luggage allowance. And you are allowed to have one cabin baggage and a personal bag (purse or laptop bag).

Can I put 30 kg in bag

FAQs. How much can I carry in my check-in luggage You can carry a maximum of 15 kgs per person on domestic flights and around 23-30 kgs per person on international flights. The weight limit on an international flight depends on the airline and the destination you are travelling to.

How big is a 23kg suitcase

What is the size of 23kg luggage bag A suitcase of size M (50 – 80 liters) or L (80 – 100 liters) is suitable for 23 kg of luggage. Choosing the right suitcase size depends on whether you want to pack a lot of light items or a few heavy ones.

Can I take 30kg luggage in flight

30kg allowance per person (2 piece only), basis the sector.At the airport, INR 2000 per piece will be chargeable. Additional excess baggage charges may apply. *Disclaimer: For flights under Vande Bharat Mission, the baggage allowance will 25kg (check-in baggage) +7kg (hand baggage).

Can I carry 25 kg in flight

Air India domestic baggage allowance

For those in the business class, only 35kg is allowed. The checked baggage allowance for passengers in the economy class is 25kg. Infants in all these classes are allowed to carry 10kg as checked baggage. These criteria are only based on the Air India allowance for domestic flights.

How much can you fit in a 23kg suitcase

23kg is way more than enough for a weeks worth of clothes! If you plan on shopping in NYC, bring less buy more. 🙂 There are tons of videos on you tube on packing light. View a few and you will see how much 50lbs of clothes really is.

Do airlines allow extra weight

For Double or MultiSeats bookings, extra 10 kg. Additional charges may apply for excess baggage. Hand Baggage: One hand bag up to 7 kgs and 115 cms (L+W+H), shall be allowed per customer.