How long can a foreigner stay in Thailand without a visa?

Can I stay in Thailand for 45 days without a visa

Visiting Thailand as Tourist

Many nationalities can visit the Land of Smiles without a visa under the Visa on Arrival rule or Visa Exemption scheme. These options allow visitors to stay for up to 30 or 45 days. Tourists are travelers who visit the country for leisure.

Can I go to Thailand for 30 days without a visa and then get a 60 day tourist visa in Thailand

If you apply for single-entry tourist visa, you can stay in Thailand up to 60 days only. The 30-day visa exemption scheme is not included in the tourist visa, and the permitted length of stay remains up to 60 days.

Can I stay in Thailand for 60 days without a visa

Thailand's visa policy has a Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme. Under normal circumstances, eligible travelers can visit Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. Tourists who hold a passport issued by certain countries can benefit from this scheme.

How to stay 6 months in Thailand

A Multi-Entry Tourist Visa allows foreign nationals unlimited entry to Thailand over a 6-month period. It is issued to people who visit the country for tourism, leisure, or medical purposes. A multi-entry visa allows the holder to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days per visit.

Can I get a 30-day visa on arrival in Thailand

Yes, there is a visa on arrival in Thailand for Indian citizens, but it is given only if they meet the following requirements: The visit is strictly for tourism purposes. The passport must be genuine and should be valid for at least 30 days.

How long can I stay in Vietnam

30 days

How Long can American Citizens Stay in Vietnam Americans can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days in Total then will have to leave or do an in-country extension.

What happens if I overstay my 30 days in Thailand

Overstay a week or two -> prepare the fine and leave by airport immediately. Overstay more than 90 days -> seek legal help immediately and do not put yourself in any situations where you might be detained by police.

What happens if I stay longer than 30 days in Thailand

Overstaying your visa is illegal. If you overstay for a short period you will have to pay a fine. However, if you overstay for more than 90 days then it is a serious offence and the result will be you are deported from Thailand and banned from visiting again.

How can I stay for longer than 30 days in Vietnam

Visa on arrival

In case you can't get enough of Vietnam and you like to stay longer than 30 days (or longer than your e-visa allows), you would need to apply for a 'Visa on arrival.

Can I stay more than 15 days in Vietnam

With a diplomatic passport, foreigners can enter Vietnam without a visa and stay for 15 to 90 days.

Can I reenter Thailand after 30 days

Thai Visas are issued for single or multiple entries, usually for a period of thirty days to a year. In the case where a visa is issued for a single-entry, if you leave the country, you cannot re-enter, even if you have not exhausted the number of days you were given. This is where a Thailand Re-Entry Permit comes in.

Can you enter Thailand twice in a month

No problem as long as you have a return ticket or a ticket out of Thailand within 30 days as KhunBill mentioned. Some airlines will check you have proof of onward travel when you check in.

How long can a foreigner stay in Vietnam

15-30 days

The most popular type of visa for Vietnam is Tourist Visa which is normally valid for 15-30 days. Tourist visa can be extended once you are arriving to Vietnam. In some cases, you can apply for a 3 month visa for tourism purpose; the procedure will be the same with 1 month visa.

What is the longest you can stay in Vietnam

A tourist visa allows people to remain in Vietnam for a maximum of three months, after which they are expected to leave.

What is the penalty for overstaying visa in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa Overstay Fines

It is clearly provided for in Article 8 of the Circular No. 144/2021/NĐ-CP as follows: Overstaying for less than 16 days: VND VND 500,000 – VND 2,000,000 (~US $22 – US $88) Overstaying for 16 days – less than 30 days: VND 3,000,000 – VND 5,000,000 (~ US $133 – US $221)

Can I visit Thailand multiple times

Multiple-entry Thai Tourist Visa: Valid for six months, during which time you can enter multiple times, but for only up to sixty days per entry.

Can I get a 1 year visa in Vietnam

To get a 1-year visa, the following requirements must be met: Having a passport with at least 1 year of validity. Having a company/organization/agency in Vietnam to guarantee the visa application and entry purposes of traveling or business. Having a travel schedule in Vietnam.

How long can a tourist stay in Vietnam without visa

If you wish to remain in Vietnam as a tourist for longer than 15 days (45 days from 15 August) there are two visa options: Book a tour with a travel agent in Vietnam requesting that the agent applies for a visa pre-approval letter for your travel to Vietnam.

What happens if you are deported from Vietnam

Consequences of getting blacklisted by Vietnam Immigration

immediate deportation; a ban from entry into Vietnam for up to 5 years. Your name will be communicated to all foreign missions of Vietnam and Vietnam checkpoints, and you will get no visa or entry permit for Vietnam during the ban period.

How many times in a year can you enter Thailand

2 times

If entering at an Airport, there is no limit on the number of times you can enter. HOWEVER, a person may enter Thailand Visa Exempt only 2 times in a calendar year if entering at a land border. CAUTION: Thai Immigration has stepped up efforts to prevent abuse of the 30 day visa exemption entry.

Can I stay longer than 30 days in Vietnam

If you are planning a multiple-entry visit or a stay of more than 30 days, you will want to apply for a visa on arrival. To do this you'll need: A 4×6 passport photo with a white background and no glasses. A filled-out visa application form.

How much is the fine for overstaying visa in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa Overstay Fines

It is clearly provided for in Article 8 of the Circular No. 144/2021/NĐ-CP as follows: Overstaying for less than 16 days: VND VND 500,000 – VND 2,000,000 (~US $22 – US $88) Overstaying for 16 days – less than 30 days: VND 3,000,000 – VND 5,000,000 (~ US $133 – US $221)

Can I leave Vietnam and come back

A multiple entry visa allows foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam for an unlimited time in a certain period of time. It means you can exit and re-enter Vietnam as many times as you wish until the visa expires without applying for a new visa.

Can I enter Thailand twice in a month

A Thailand Visa On Arrival, which is valid for a maximum of 15 days and non-extendable. A Thailand Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa or Multiple-Entry Non-Immigrant Visa, in which case, you can leave and re-enter the country multiple times for the duration your visa is issued, without it becoming forfeit.

How to get a 3 month visa in Vietnam

Presently, 3 month visa can only be obtained via 2 methods: at the Embassy/Consulate or Visa on arrival. Vietnam E-visa is currently available for single entry with a maximum stay of 30 days. Therefore, depending on the method you choose, the price varies.