How much does a 50 hour jet card cost?

How strict is VietJet baggage allowance

– Hand baggage: Passengers (except infants) are allowed a piece of hand baggage on the aircraft. Hand luggage must not be larger than 56cm × 36cm × 23cm and the maximum weight is 7kg. Such baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in the baggage compartment in the cabin.

How early should I arrive for VietJet

Check in counter open two (02) hours before the scheduled domestic flight's departure time and three (03) hours before the scheduled international flight's departure time. Check in closing time is fourty (40) minutes for domestic flight and fifty (50) minutes for international flight.
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How much is the infant fare on VietJet


Infant fare will apply a fixed amount per segment as below: Domestic: 5 USD/segment/infant (VAT is not included) International: 9 USD/segment/infant or JPY 1,000/segment/infant.

Does VietJet give blankets

As to be expected there were no amenities, blankets or pillows available however these could be purchased on board.

Can you take 7kg carry-on luggage on VietJet

From June 1, 2023, when booking Eco and Deluxe tickets on domestic (Vietnam) and international routes, one passenger (excluding infants under 2 years old) may bring a maximum of 7 kg carry-on baggage (including 01 main item of luggage and/or 01 small handbag).

Can I check-in 2 bags with VietJet

Each passenger is allowed to check-in maximum 2 oversized pieces/ flight and may be changed subject to actual operation at the airport. Passenger has to ensure to purchase sufficient Checked baggage allowance that eligible to be applied Oversized baggage service.

Do you need to print boarding pass for Vietjet

Once the online check-in process is completed, Passengers can choose to print a boarding pass, receive it by email or download to mobile phone. After passengers have completed online check-in procedures, if they do not have hand baggage, they can go directly to security area and boarding gate.

Does Vietjet provide meals


Vietjet air meals are not included in the price of your ticket. The airline offers an onboard menu for passengers to purchase meals and snacks inflight, and a hot meal pre-order system is available online before your flight.

What age is baby free flights

2 years old

Infants under 2 years old can travel at no charge in the lap of their parent (any age), or an accompanying adult 16 years or older traveling in the same cabin. We welcome infants as young as 2 days old, but infants less than 7 days old require a 'Passenger Medical' form to be completed before your flight.

Are kids fly free

Lap infants

Most major airlines will let babies on board for free, provided they don't take up a seat. American Airlines, for example, has a pretty standard policy: Kids under 2 years old can travel free on the lap of an accompanying passenger age 16 or older on domestic flights.

Does Vietjet give free food


Vietjet air meals are not included in the price of your ticket. The airline offers an onboard menu for passengers to purchase meals and snacks inflight, and a hot meal pre-order system is available online before your flight.

Is it OK to take airline blankets

Blankets. Business and first-class flights offer comfort items like blankets during the flight. You must leave them on board when you're leaving the plane as they can be reused. “Paying more to travel in a better class does not entitle passengers to take items offered for the journey,” says Webber.

Can I carry 50 kg luggage in flight

NEW DELHI: Air India has enhanced the free check-in baggage allowance to 40kg and 50kg for economy and class passengers, respectively, flying between Delhi and Mumbai on its newly-launched Boeing 747 service on this route.

Can I carry 25 kg in flight

Air India domestic baggage allowance

For those in the business class, only 35kg is allowed. The checked baggage allowance for passengers in the economy class is 25kg. Infants in all these classes are allowed to carry 10kg as checked baggage. These criteria are only based on the Air India allowance for domestic flights.

How much does check in baggage cost

How much does it cost to check a bag

Carrier First bag Second bag
American $30 $40
Delta $30 $40
Frontier $55 to $89 $60 to $89
Hawaiian $25 to $30 $35 to $40

Do I need to print boarding pass or can I show my phone

Can I use my mobile boarding pass to go through the security checkpoint and board my flight Yes, simply show your mobile boarding pass on a mobile phone, iPad, or Apple Watch and a valid form of identification to the TSA Agent at security to proceed.

Do I need to print my boarding pass if I have a QR code

If you have the mobile version with the QR code, you don't need to print the boarding pass. Just have it ready on your smartphone or tablet. If you only have the PDF, it depends on the airport and the airline staff.

Does Vietjet provide free water

One thing you need to be aware of is that the airline doesn't offer any complimentary items, including water. So, if you're planning to travel with VietJet Air, bring your own food and snacks.

Is Vietjet a budget

Vietjet is a popular budget airline based out of Vietnam that runs routes all around Southeast Asia. Over the years, we have flown with Vietnam Air several times in and out of the country! Here's the details of of our most recent flight traveling round trip from Da Nang Vietnam to Singapore.

Are flights free for 2 year olds

Do babies fly free Babies and toddlers under 2 years old aren't legally required to occupy an airplane seat and can instead travel as a "lap infant" on their parent's ticket. Lap infants are generally free of charge, although you may pay a percentage of the full fare if you're traveling internationally.

Do you get free flights for life if you are born on a plane

Any truth in that Sadly, it seems to be something of a myth. Very few airlines are known to have granted a newborn free flights for life. The only carriers to have done so are Thai Airways, Asia Pacific Airlines, AirAsia and Polar Airlines.

Do kids fly cheaper

How much does a child ticket cost The price of a child ticket will differ from airline to airline. Some airlines offer discounted prices for children, whereas others have a flat fare for adults and children. On average, discounted airline tickets for children are around 25—33% cheaper than adult tickets.

What age do kids stop flying for free

Most major airlines allow children under the age of 2 to fly free as lap children, resting on an adult's lap for the duration of the flight. But you'll typically be charged full fare for a child who is 2 years old and up. Luckily, some airlines occasionally offer kids fly free promotions.

Has Vietjet ever crashed

Accidents and incidents. Since commencing operations, VietJet Air has only suffered non-fatal incidents: 19 June 2014: VietJet Air Flight 8861 from Hanoi to Da Lat mistakenly landed at Cam Ranh International Airport. The reason was revealed to be pilot error.

Do flight attendants clean toilets

One of the most common questions is “Do you clean the toilets” The answer is yes, but only basic cleaning such as wiping the surfaces. If there are some major issues inside the airplane lavatory, then it is the job of the cleaning crew that comes in after the flight to take care of it.