How much is a visa to Vietnam?

How much is visa entry fee in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa Cost 2023

Type of visa 1-2 people 10+ people
Single 1 month 90 70
Single 3 month 110 90
Multiple 1 month 95 75
Multiple 3 month 125 95

Is visa on arrival free in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

A filled-out visa application form. A passport or substitute ID valid for six months from the date you plan to enter Vietnam. Payment (25 USD to 50 USD) for visa fees, and. A Letter of Approval from a Vietnamese embassy or consulate (if you are picking up your visa at the airport).

How much is a 3 month tourist visa to Vietnam

Single entry visa (3 months)

3-month single entry visa costs USD25 per person. It is popular for foreign tourists, businessmen, investors, or those visiting their family/relatives in Vietnam. This visa type is used for 2 purposes: Traveling (Category DL) – For tourists.

How much is exit visa fee in Vietnam

Vietnam exit visa cost, validity and processing time

Depend upon different cases as well as nationalities of applicants, fee for exit Vietnam visa might vary. In common, the cost of exit visa is more or less within $100 US.

Can you get a Vietnam visa in 1 day

In case of emergencies, an e-visa can be processed within one working day or even as quickly as 4-8 working hours during a weekday. Emergency visa in brief: Fastest processing time: 2-4 working hours (Mon-Fri)

How much does visa cost

Fees for non-petition and petition based visas

Visa Type Fee in USD Category
C-1 visa for transits to the US $185 Non-Petition Based
D visa for airline or ship crewmembers $185 Non-Petition Based
F visa for students and academics $185 Non-Petition Based
I visa for media and journalists $185 Non-Petition Based

How quickly can I get a visa for Vietnam

The Vietnam tourist visa processing time is around 24 hours for online applications. Occasionally, the request may take up to 72 hours to process.

How long can you stay in Vietnam without a visa

If you wish to remain in Vietnam as a tourist for longer than 15 days (45 days from 15 August) there are two visa options: Book a tour with a travel agent in Vietnam requesting that the agent applies for a visa pre-approval letter for your travel to Vietnam.

How much is a 30 day visa for Vietnam

25 USD

An e-visa for Vietnam costs you 25 USD (per person). This fee is not refunded if your application is refused or your visa letter contains any wrong details which have been provided by you in the application form.

Can I stay in Vietnam for 15 days without visa

The 15 days visa exemption starts on arrival date (day 1) and ends on the 15th day from the arrival date (day 1). There must be 30 days minimum gap between 2 visa-free entries.

What is the fastest way to get a Vietnam visa

Apply online for an e-visa

Pay for the e-visa fee. Wait 5-7 working days for the e-visa to be delivered to your email or you can also download the e-visa here. Expedited service is also available upon request. Print out the e-visa document and present at the Immigration counter at Vietnam airport.

How do I get a Vietnamese visa ASAP

Vietnam urgent visa: can be applied for its approval within a one or two days before a travel date to Vietnam. Vietnam emergency visa: can be issued within 4 business hours or even in 30 minutes after completing an online visa submission and successfully making payment.

How long is the visa fee

After paying the visa fee, you will receive a payment receipt that is valid for one year. The visa fee is therefore valid for one year from the date of payment.

How much is a 3 month visa

Dubai 3-month visa price

The single-entry 3-month visa costs AED 600, while the multiple-entry 3-month visa costs AED 1,740. If you apply for a family member or a relative, you must pay around AED 1,750, which includes a refundable deposit of AED 1,000.

Can I get Vietnam visa easily

Yes. Indian citizens must have a valid visa to enter the country. But fortunately, there are several ways of getting a visa, and they are all relatively simple. You can apply for a Vietnam visa online on Atlys or at the Embassy.

Is Vietnam visa difficult

Legitimacy: The Vietnam Department of Immigration is the authority that grants and approves each VOA. Convenience: VOAs involve an easy online application and do not require you to send in your passport or passport photos before you travel. Also, VOA applications typically do not face delays.

Can I get a 1 year visa in Vietnam

To get a 1-year visa, the following requirements must be met: Having a passport with at least 1 year of validity. Having a company/organization/agency in Vietnam to guarantee the visa application and entry purposes of traveling or business. Having a travel schedule in Vietnam.

How much is a 1 month visa Vietnam

How much does it cost to get a Vietnam e-visa You need to pay for two fees: e-Visa service fee for 1 month single entry: $30 and Stamping fee: $25.

Can I get Vietnam visa in 1 day

In case of emergencies, an e-visa can be processed within one working day or even as quickly as 4-8 working hours during a weekday. Emergency visa in brief: Fastest processing time: 2-4 working hours (Mon-Fri)

Can I get Vietnam visa in one day

It's recommended for you to apply for urgent visa for Vietnam before 10: 00 am (Vietnam time) to receive the visa result on the same day. If you apply after 10: 00 am, the approval letter will be sent at noon of the following day.

Can you get a Vietnam visa in 24 hours

Standard: 3 business days (after all required documents are submitted). Expedite service: 24-hour processing time (additional fee is required). Kindly put an Expedite service or URGENT note/label on your envelope or in your application package for easier processing.

How much is visa fee now

The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$185. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$205. K visas cost US$265 and the fee amount for E visas is US$315.

How much is new visa fee

The fee increases take effect on June 17, 2023. The fee for visitor visas for business or tourism (B1/B2s and BCCs), and other non-petition based NIVs such as student and exchange visitor visas, will increase from US$160 to US$185.

How long can I live in Vietnam without a visa

Visit visas for Vietnam

A tourist visa is normally valid for one entry of up to 30 days, although it is also possible to apply for a 90-day multiple-entry visa for Vietnam. Citizens from visa-waivered countries are able to stay in Vietnam visa-free for between 14 days and one month, depending on the country.

How long can foreigners stay in Vietnam

30 days

Generally, maximum tourist visa Vietnam is 30 days. However, there is a way for foreigners to visit Vietnam more than 30 days.