How much is the cheapest pods?

How much are cheap AirPods

Summary of Latest Apple Wireless Earbuds in Pakistan July 2023

Top 10 Apple Products Price
Apple AirPods (2nd generation) Rs. 37,499
Apple Airpods (3rd generation) Rs. 41,999
Apple AirPods Pro Magsafe Rs. 57,999
AirPods Max Rs. 149,000

What is the cheapest type of AirPods

AirPods 2
Apple AirPods pricing 2023

Model Apple Store price Best price right now
AirPods 2 $129 $99
AirPods 3 $169 $160
AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) $249 $225
AirPods Max $549 $477

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Is AirPods cheap

After the discount, the AirPods Pro 1st-generation is available for purchase at Rs 15,990. In comparison, the AirPods 3rd-generation is available at Rs 16,990. This makes the AirPods Pro cheaper than the regular 3rd-generation AirPods.

Are AirPods expensive

AirPods are not the cheapest wireless earbuds on the market, but they are not the most expensive either. The standard AirPods with a wired charging case retail for around $159, while the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are priced at $249 and $549, respectively.

Are there fake AirPods

In some counterfeits, you can tell the AirPods are fake because they have a blue LED (not found in genuine AirPods), or the LED will be in a really weird spot instead of the front of the case.

Is AirPods 1 or 2 better

This shouldn't come as much surprise, but if you've got the option of getting one or the other, it's pretty obvious that the Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) is the better buy. It's the same price as its predecessor, it has slightly better battery life, and better noise canceling.

Which AirPods is best under $500

TWS Earbuds Under ₹500

Headphone And Earphone Price Available From
Fristdown i12 Earbuds ₹430 Jun, 2023
Aroma NB140 Evolve True Wireless Earbuds ₹479 Feb, 2023
Aroma NB140 Captain True Wireless Earbuds ₹499 Feb, 2023
Croma CREEH2008sBTEB True Wireless Earbuds ₹394 May, 2022

How long do cheap AirPods last

AirPods typically last about 2-3 years before most users feel the need to replace them. This short lifespan is because of their lithium-ion batteries. AirPods have proven tough in several durability tests and have shown that they can withstand pressure.

Which AirPod is best

Which AirPods are right for you Top picks across generationsApple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Best AirPods overall. View now.Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Best cheap AirPods. View now.Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) Best open AirPods. View now.Apple AirPods Max. Best AirPods for audiophiles. View now.

What happens if you lose 1 AirPod

You can buy a replacement for a left or right AirPod or the Charging Case. Your replacement will be new. AppleCare+ for Headphones does not cover lost or stolen AirPods.

Should I buy AirPods

Overall, you can't go wrong buying AirPods. As far as earphones go, they provide great value and consistency for their price. Many people who own AirPods use them for a long time without signs of wear. They are very durable and offer great battery life for their size.

Do fake AirPods use Siri

The AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro are programmed to work with Siri, so they should listen to your Voice Commands. If Siri fails to work with your AirPods 2 or AirPods Pro, yours might be a fake one.

Can you get free AirPods

Every year, Apple comes out with a promotional program known as 'Back to School' where it offers discounts on certain products to higher education students and other qualified buyers to mark the start of the academic year. In addition to special prices, Apple offers AirPods for free when users buy qualifying products.

Is AirPods 2 waterproof

The AirPods Pro 2 are water resistant, not waterproof

While the Apple AirPods Pro 2 are not completely waterproof, they do come with an IPX4 water resistance rating. This means that the earbuds should be able to withstand damage from sweat and the occasional splash of water with relative ease.

Which is the No 1 AirPods

Apple AirPods Pro

If it keeps up the excellent work, the AirPods Pro is one of the best wireless earbuds in the world.

What is the price of AirPods 3 in cheap

16,999. The lowest price of Apple AirPods 3 is Rs. 16,999 at This is variant of Apple which is available in White colour.

How long does 100% AirPod last

With multiple charges in your case, you get more than 24 hours of listening time,19 or up to 18 hours of talk time. Your AirPods can get up to 5 hours of listening time21 or 3 hours of talk time on a single charge.

How much do 100% AirPods last

AirPods deliver an industry-leading 5 hours of listening time on one charge. And they're made to keep up with you, thanks to a charging case that holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Need a quick charge

Is AirPods 1 or 3 better

The 3 have a longer continuous battery life, a better control scheme, and an IPX4 rating for water resistance.

Is it OK to wear just one AirPod

Listening to just a little bit of music but still interacting with the world via your free ear…well lucky for you, that experience didn't die with the advent of the AirPod. Yes, you can use only one AirPod!

Is it illegal to have one AirPod

While you may feel more focused when you are in the zone with your tunes and Airpods in, it's mostly illegal to wear them while operating a vehicle. There may be some exceptions where you can wear one in one ear, but this varies from place to place.

Are AirPods easy to lose

AirPods are one of the most popular audio accessories, and it's not hard to see why. They're small, lightweight, and highly portable, making them the perfect choice for music lovers on the go. However, their tiny size and true wireless design also make them notoriously easy to lose.

Are AirPods made in Vietnam

Designed in California, assembled in Vietnam—but still Chinese: A top Chinese AirPod manufacturer is following Apple as it shifts away from the mainland.

Are colored AirPods fake

As obvious as it should be, there is also no such thing as AirPods with alternate colors, unless you're talking about the AirPods Max. You can't buy red, blue, or black AirPods—they don't exist. If you see AirPods in any other color than flat white: they're fake, so don't buy them.

Do AirPods get to 100%

Your AirPods Pro can run up to 4.5 hours when 100% charged up. However, they're programmed to stop charging at 80%, and it won't kick back in until they think you'll need that extra 20%.