Is it safe in Hanoi at night?

Is it safe to walk around at night in Hanoi

Visiting the vibrant Hanoi city, one might ask "Is it safe to walk around Hanoi at night" Rest assured, as Hanoi streets are generally safe during nighttime. After 10 pm, the city calms down and becomes much quieter, while the Old Quarter remains lively.

Is it safe in night in Vietnam

Is it safe to walk at night in Vietnam It is advisable not to walk alone in Vietnam during the night outside city centres, or places which stay deserted during the night. Crimes like assault and robbery is not uncommon in Vietnam.

Is Hanoi safe for female travellers

Hanoi tops the list of Southeast Asia's five safest destinations for solo female travelers. “Feel free to pamper yourself while staying in this beautiful city, which is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel alone as a woman in Southeast Asia.”

Is there a lot of crime in Hanoi

But if you're a first-timer to Vietnam, you're understandably wondering—Is Hanoi safe Hanoi is a very safe city with a low crime rate. Many people consider the most dangerous part about Hanoi is getting in a scooter accident, whether you're the driver, rider, or pedestrian walking across the street.

Where should I avoid in Hanoi

Sexual assaults are common in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. Avoid overnight trains and buses, and parts of cities that are filled with bars and clubs, since there is a higher chance of running into intoxicated people. Follow basic common sense and avoid walking alone at night and in poorly lit and secluded areas.

When should we avoid Hanoi

It would be a pity to visit Hanoi without doing anything much. In conclusion, you should avoid visiting Hanoi in June, July, November, December, and the first days of the Tet Holiday.

Can you kiss in public in Vietnam

Common taboos in Vietnam

Control Your Temper: Losing your temper or having an angry outburst is looked down upon. Avoid Public Touching: Public displays of affection are not seen as appropriate. Avoid hugging, holding hands, and especially kissing in public.

Is it safe for a girl to travel alone in Vietnam

Safe for female travelers

Women will generally feel comfortable traveling alone in Vietnam. Harassment and assault are rare incidents. However, to avoid unwanted attention, solo travelers in Vietnam should not wear tight and revealing clothes such as shorts, three-hole shirts…

Is Hanoi safer than Bangkok

Numbeo gives Bangkok a safety rating of 58/100 (closer to 100 being better), whereas Hanoi gets a rating of 62/100. Both cities are similar in the level of crime, with Hanoi being the safer.

Is it safe to walk around Hanoi Old Quarter at night

Is Hanoi safe at night Hanoi is generally a safe city to explore, and serious crimes against tourists are extremely rare, but it's pertinent to exercise some caution. While it's generally safe to walk around the streets of the Old Quarter at night, it's best to avoid the darker lanes after around 10pm.

Is Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh safer

Hanoi ranked fifth and Ho Chi Minh City 14th on the safety index among Southeast Asia's 20 tourist cities published by statistics site Numbeo recently.

What is the biggest problem in Hanoi

The survey conducted among urban citizens in April 2019 shows that the three biggest concerns for Vietnamese living in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were food safety, air pollution and water pollution.

Is it rude to not finish food in Vietnam

Make sure to finish everything to make your host feel that you are satisfied with the meal. If had enough, you politely decline more food by covering your bowl. If you like a particular dish then you can ask for a second serving.

Is it OK to wear shorts in Vietnam

Wearing shorts is acceptable in most situations for both men and women. However, Vietnam's traditional culture is somewhat conservative, so avoiding sleeveless shirts, tank tops, or short shorts—especially while visiting Buddhist temples—shows the greatest respect for it.

Is it legal to kiss in Vietnam

Common taboos in Vietnam

Avoid Public Touching: Public displays of affection are not seen as appropriate. Avoid hugging, holding hands, and especially kissing in public. Even touching a member of the opposite sex is looked down upon. Modesty: It is important to keep your body covered.

What is the rate of girls in Vietnam

Population, female (% of total population) in Vietnam was reported at 50.6 % in 2022, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

Are Hanoi people friendly

“Hanoi people are very wonderful and enthusiastic and eager to help strangers. The first time we came to Hanoi was in 1995 we were a little worried of not being welcomed, but unexpectedly every one treated us very kindly. We were helped any time we needed assistance.

Where is Hanoi red light district

Dozens of red-light cafes are located on a road in the suburban district of Quoc Oai, Hanoi. According to girls there, the price for a “quick train” (slang of prostitutes for one service). In La Duong Village in Duong Noi Commune, Ha Dong District, there are many disguised coffee shops.

What is the number 1 killer in Vietnam


Cardiovascular disease (CVD), which includes strokes and ischemic heart disease, is responsible for 31% of deaths in Vietnam. Cancers of the lung and liver follow closely behind. Strokes cause the most deaths in the Vietnamese population with 200,000 new cases each year; half of them are fatal.

Is Vietnam safer than Thailand

If you're wondering if Vietnam is safer than Thailand, in a manner of speaking, yes. Vietnam has a lower crime rate than Thailand, and is generally considered to be a safe destination for travelers. Thailand, on the other hand, has a slightly higher crime rate, but is still considered to be a relatively safe country.

Is it rude to tip in Vietnam

Tipping isn't mandatory or customary in Vietnam, but it is always appreciated. If you're happy with the services provided by waiters, drivers and other service workers, leaving a small tip is a good way to show your appreciation.

What is considered rude in Vietnam

Avoid hugging, holding hands, and especially kissing in public. Even touching a member of the opposite sex is looked down upon. Modesty: It is important to keep your body covered. Avoid overly short shorts and revealing shirts.

Can you wear red in Vietnam

Áo dài colours

Red áo dài are worn during Tết for luck and prosperity. Brides and grooms may also wear red on their wedding day, so it's a good idea to come in a different colour if you're a guest.

What to avoid in Hanoi

13 Things To Avoid In Vietnam For A Responsible VacationSome street food.The tap water.Being surprised in the loo.Taking photos without permission.Getting scammed.Being scammed in a Taxi.Tourist crimes.Overpacking the itinerary.

What is the legal age to date girl in Vietnam

Age of Consent: 18 years Vietnam Criminal Code Art.