What is Draco Malfoy's phobia?

What is Draco Malfoy afraid of

Draco Malfoy – Voldemort

In this game, it becomes clear that Draco Malfoy's Boggart is Lord Voldemort. Draco's fear of Voldemort likely comes from different reasons than others have. Most fear Voldemort taking over the world. Draco fears Voldemort intimidating and manipulating the Malfoy family.

What is Draco Malfoy’s weakness

Weaknesses: Draco is extremely susceptible to cracking under pressure, which normally puts him in bad situations.

What is Hermione’s greatest fear


Her greatest fear was probably failure

'A piece of homework that only got nine out of ten ' Ron was joking (as he often does) but he was actually very close to the truth.

What is Draco Malfoy allergic to

“Draco has a cinnamon allergy,” explained Pansy, clapping her hands together excitedly. “How did you know” Malfoy asked Harry again, ignoring their audience.

Who was obsessed with Draco


Harry, however, had never been less interested in Quidditch; he was rapidly becoming obsessed with Draco Malfoy.

Who had a crush on Draco Malfoy


Even while he was with Ginny, Harry was always in love with Draco.” To which Tom said, “I think it was clearly a fact. Harry was constantly crushing on Draco. He just couldn't hide it.” Grint added, “I think he made quite an impression on Ron, as well”.

Why did Draco hate Potter

Specifically, Draco was jealous of Harry. It was easy to miss because Draco didn't often show his emotions, modelling himself on his cold, confident, calculating father, but J.K. Rowling has confirmed that a lot of his enmity towards Harry stemmed from envy.

Who is the bad kid in Harry Potter

Draco Lucius Malfoy

Draco Lucius Malfoy is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is a student in Harry Potter's year belonging in the Slytherin house. He is frequently accompanied by his two cronies, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, who act as henchmen.

Who was afraid of Snape

Neville Professor

Neville Professor Snape Neville fears Professor Snape who treats him rudely with sarcastic comments. Neville seems afraid of this harsh treatment that makes him feel inferior constantly.

What is Ron Weasley’s worst fear

of spiders

In the second book of the Harry Potter series, The Chamber of Secrets, the audience becomes aware of the fact Ron is incredibly afraid of spiders. The being around them scares him immensely and the mere idea of spiders turns him into the world's biggest baby.

What is Draco Malfoy’s favorite spell

Therefore, figuring out a spell that is Draco's favorite is hard and, in the movies, there is no defining moment that cements a spell as his favorite. Based on Harry Potter lore, and an article by The Healthy Journal, Draco's signature spell is a N.E.W.T standard spell, The Protean Charm.

Who is Draco Malfoy’s first crush

J.K. Rowling said that Draco had a crush on Hermione Granger, but he doesn't show that, beacuse Hermione was a Gryffindor, Harry's friend, and also a muggle-born. After the Battle for Hogwarts, Draco fell in love with Astoria Greengrass, and they had son Scorpius.

Why do girls love Draco

Why do young girls like Draco Malfoy so much Young girls have the tendency to fall for the “bad” and “misunderstood” guys, thinking that they can change them. Also, the way that Draco was portrayed in the books makes him seem like he wasn't really that bad and that he had a rough childhood.

Who kisses Malfoy

Their first kiss happens on the front steps of Malfoy Manor. Harry brings Draco his wand after speaking at his trial, “This is yours; thank you.” And this time, Draco won't let him walk away. Harry turns to leave and Draco grabs his arm, turns him back and kisses him.

Who was Draco Malfoy’s first love

Pansy Parkinson is a supporting character in the Harry Potter novels and some of the films, and she is Draco Malfoy's Love Interest.

Who is the black kid in Gryffindor

Bem (born c. 1979-1980) was a Nigerian wizard who attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991 to 1998. He was sorted into Gryffindor and is in Harry Potter's year, however he does not dorm with Harry and friends.

Who is the smartest kid in Harry Potter

10 Smartest Harry Potter Characters, Ranked1 Severus Snape.2 Albus Dumbledore.3 Tom Riddle/Voldemort.4 Hermione Granger.5 Professor McGonagall.6 Remus Lupin.7 Luna Lovegood.8 Fred and George Weasley.

What do Slytherins fear

Slytherins have a fear of failure since their cunning mentalities encourage them to be perfect at all times. Repeated failures are what people of the house are really afraid of, though, because it opens up the possibility for them to consider that they might be weak in some way.

What is Bellatrix scared of

But the one thing she's afraid of, is the Dark Lord Voldemort himself. She is entirely in his control; a slave to him, and that's why she fears him. Voldemort and Bellatrix have a child in the Cursed Child, and here you can see their relationship relating to that of the Joker and Harley Quinn.

What is Lupin’s greatest fear

Another character whose biggest fear was revealed during the third book and movie was Remus Lupin. A werewolf, Lupins biggest fear is a full moon, or rather the consequences of a full moon. Lupin fears the loss of control after his transformation and the damage and destruction his wolf form is capable of.

What is Harry’s biggest fear

As mentioned by Remus Lupin, Harry's true fear was fear itself, which the Dementors projected. The creatures forced him to feel the defeated mentality inside of him that he generally pushed down.

What is Draco Malfoy’s love language

Draco's love language was touch and no one could prove otherwise. From the way his hands would cup her face when he kissed her to the simple hand he's have on her back when they'd were walk together, everyone knew that she was Draco's.

Who did Draco love

While Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione all went on to marry their Hogwarts sweethearts, Draco followed a different path. Instead of his Hogwarts girlfriend Pansy Parkinson, Draco married Astoria Greengrass.

Who had a crush on Draco

Even while he was with Ginny, Harry was always in love with Draco.” To which Tom said, “I think it was clearly a fact. Harry was constantly crushing on Draco. He just couldn't hide it.” Grint added, “I think he made quite an impression on Ron, as well”.

When did Draco lose his V card

Draco lost his virginity to her on the Yule Ball night in fourth year and since then Draco and Pansy had been sexual partners. Pansy found out Draco's feelings for Hermione sometime at Hogwarts and the two were assumed to break up around the end of the War.