What is Ron Weasley's worst fear?

What is Ron scared of in Harry Potter

In the second book of the Harry Potter series, The Chamber of Secrets, the audience becomes aware of the fact Ron is incredibly afraid of spiders. The being around them scares him immensely and the mere idea of spiders turns him into the world's biggest baby.

What was Hermione’s worst fear

Her greatest fear was probably failure.

What does Ron hate

He's insecure about being poor

This made Ron hate the fact he couldn't afford nice things for himself, and was compounded by Harry having more gold than he needed. In one of the novels, Ron outright stated he hated being poor when he saw how pathetic his pet owl looked.

Why did Ron hate Hermione

Ron and Hermione do not have that much in common. Ron comes from the wizarding world, so he does not understand Hermione's background living in the muggle world. He is not interested in studying and argues against Hermione on her wish to help House Elves. Meanwhile, Hermione is not excited by flying or Quidditch.

What are Ron Weasley’s fears

His biggest fear, spiders, was even a central plot point of The Chamber of Secrets, where Ron and Harry were instructed to "follow the spiders" into the Forbidden Forest.

What is Ron’s weakness

Weakness: He got jealous way too easily

During the events of the series, the trio are pre-teens and then teens. Because of this, it makes sense that they weren't always mature or emotionally intelligent. However, Ron was still prone to jealousy, and he was very immature in this way.

What is Dumbledore’s worst fear

Albus Dumbledore

It is not certain what the specific fear is as he is not fearing the death of his sister as she is already deceased and it is suggested that Dumbledore fears that it was him who directly killed his sister in the conflict or that he fears the loss of control that lead to his sister's sudden death.

What is Draco Malfoy’s worst fear

Draco Malfoy – Voldemort

Draco's fear of Voldemort likely comes from different reasons than others have. Most fear Voldemort taking over the world. Draco fears Voldemort intimidating and manipulating the Malfoy family.

What color does Ron hate

color maroon

Despite Ron clearly stating that he absolutely detests the color maroon, his mother is oblivious to it and, without fail, always makes or buys him clothes in this color. 32. Albus Dumbledore left Ron the Deluminator in his will. And we are so glad he did!

Why is Ron afraid of spiders

When Ron Weasley was a child, he reveals in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, his brothers Fred and George magically transformed his teddy bear into a giant spider, thus triggering in their younger sibling a life-long and totally understandable fear of spiders.

Was Ron toxic to Hermione


He was a really tactless person all around, and he often took out his anger and annoyances on Hermione. His insecurity and jealousy could also make him mean.

Who is better Harry or Ron

In fact, Ron is consistently weaker than Harry in the books and movies. While Ron is powerful enough to fight by Harry's side, it's pretty clear that Ron's spellcasting falls short of Harry's, and he would lose if they fought for real. Especially if he's using that broken wand of his, held together with Spellotape.

What is Snape’s worst fear

The Reddit thread agrees Snape's Boggart may revolve around the person who mattered most to him: Lily Potter. Snape's unrequited love for Lily lead to his greatest fear coming true, a fact that wasn't revealed until The Deathly Hallows.

What is Harry’s biggest fear

As mentioned by Remus Lupin, Harry's true fear was fear itself, which the Dementors projected. The creatures forced him to feel the defeated mentality inside of him that he generally pushed down.

What is Slytherin biggest fear

Slytherins have a fear of failure since their cunning mentalities encourage them to be perfect at all times. Repeated failures are what people of the house are really afraid of, though, because it opens up the possibility for them to consider that they might be weak in some way.

Who does Ron like

Ron first began showing signs of romantic interest in Hermione in their second year; he was irritated by her crush on Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, became so angry that Draco Malfoy called her a "Mudblood" that he tried to hex him, and was even more upset than Harry when she became one of the victims of the basilisk.

Why does Ron make Hermione cry

That other time he made Hermione cry

Before the Yule Ball: The first was Ron realising that he didn't have a date for the Yule Ball, the school dance that celebrates the Triwizard Tournament.

Who is smarter Ron or Hermione

As such, Hermione was almost always the smarter of Harry's two best friends. But every now and then, Ron was able to intellectually oust her. Due to the fact he was raised by a magical family, Ron picked up on a few things Hermione did not when the two of them were growing up.

Has Ron always liked Hermione

Ron was usually late to the show, and he was late in realizing he had full-on feelings for Hermione as well. He first felt jealousy in Goblet of Fire, but these were misunderstood feelings which he only got to understand by Half-Blood Prince. This means he only got to the same place Hermione was a full two years later.

What is Voldemort’s biggest fear


Voldemort's greatest fear is death and as a result a boggart takes the form of his own corpse. It is unsurprising that this is Voldemort's biggest fear. After all, he did split his soul up encasing it in various horcruxes just so to keep himself from dying.

What are the 4 main fears

Many kinds of fears affect our well-being or ability to perform well under pressure. We can put most of these fears into four categories and in this “How to Master Fear” series we'll refer to as the “big four fears”: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection and fear of selling.

Who is the most loved Slytherin

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: The Best Slytherins, Ranked6 Dolores Umbridge.5 Lucius Malfoy.4 Draco Malfoy.3 Leta Lestrange.2 Severus Snape.1 Tom Riddle.

What is Draco’s worst fear

Draco Malfoy – Voldemort

In this game, it becomes clear that Draco Malfoy's Boggart is Lord Voldemort. Draco's fear of Voldemort likely comes from different reasons than others have. Most fear Voldemort taking over the world. Draco fears Voldemort intimidating and manipulating the Malfoy family.

Who was the girl who liked Ron


A Gryffindor student and member of Dumbledore's Army, Lavender becomes Ron's girlfriend during the students' sixth year at Hogwarts, and soon becomes known around the Tower for what some would call very public displays of her affection.

Who fell in love first Ron or Hermione

Little did he realize that. There's not a lot of lavender Brown type girls at his beck. And call and that's probably a good thing -.