What is the biggest US bomb ever?

Is there still unexploded ordinance in Vietnam

About 6.1 million hectares of land in Vietnam remain blanketed by unexploded munitions decades after the war ended in 1975.

Is Vietnam or Vietnam correct

In English, the two syllables are usually combined into one word, Vietnam. However, Viet Nam was once common usage and is still used by the United Nations and by the Vietnamese government.

Is it legal to leave Vietnam

Foreigners can use the original visa to both enter and exit Vietnam. However, in some special cases, you need to obtain an exit visa to legally leave Vietnam. Foreigners staying in Vietnam longers than the visa validity.

Is Vietnam 2 words or 1

In English, the two syllables are usually combined into one word, Vietnam. However, Viet Nam was once common usage and is still used by the United Nations and by the Vietnamese government.

Is Vietnam 2 words

The name of Vietnam was once spelled as two words (Viet Nam, coming from the Vietnamese for "southern Viet people"), but is now generally spelled as a single word. Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is one of just five communist countries still in existence.

Is Vietnam a strict country

Vietnam is a one-party state, dominated for decades by the ruling Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Although some independent candidates are technically allowed to run in legislative elections, most are banned in practice. Freedom of expression, religious freedom, and civil society activism are tightly restricted.

Can I bring a Bible to Vietnam

However, when I was in Hanoi, I learned that it is illegal for a foreigner to bring Bibles and pass them, under official circumstances, to Vietnamese. That is unless the Ministry of Religious Affairs gives you an official ok. People who wanted them, requested for domestic contacts but in very hush-hush fashion.

Is Vietnam a first world

The United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Western European nations and their allies represented the "First World", while the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and their allies represented the "Second World".

Is Vietnam a hard language

Generally speaking, Vietnamese can be hard to learn for English speakers for its grammar, vocabulary and even alphabet are completely different from what you are used to. However, the language is very basic in structure and its rules are straightforward.

Who named Vietnam

Emperor Gia Long

Between 1804 and 1813, the name Vietnam was used officially by Emperor Gia Long. It was revived in the early 20th century in Phan Bội Châu's History of the Loss of Vietnam, and later by the Vietnamese Nationalist Party (VNQDĐ).

What is Vietnam’s full name

Formal Name: Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Cong Hoa Xa Hoi Chu Nghia Viet Nam). Short Form: Vietnam.

Is Vietnam a powerful country

US News & World Report: Vietnam ranks 30th among world's most powerful countries. The US News & World Report's ranking of the most powerful countries in the world in 2022 has shown that Vietnam ranks 30th with a GDP of 363 billion USD and a population exceeding 98.2 million people.

Is Vietnam friendly to US

Vietnam and the United States are strong and growing partners, sharing the goal of an open, connected, prosperous, resilient, and peaceful Indo-Pacific. Addressing the legacies of war is a foundational element of the strong relationship between the United States and Vietnam.

Is it illegal to carry a knife in Vietnam

Swiss, Finland, Serbia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia and others allow citizens to own guns. In Vietnam, carrying guns and other potentially injurious items such as knives, guns, explosives, flammable materials is illegal.

Can Muslims travel to Vietnam

From tantalizing halal food options to awe-inspiring mosques and cultural sites, Muslims can definitely travel to Vietnam, and especially Ho Chi Minh city, for a recommended vacation. One of the best ways to experience Ho Chi Minh city's unique charm is by exploring its Muslim-friendly neighborhoods.

Is Vietnam richer than India

Vietnam, on the other hand, has a significantly smaller economy. This factor certainly affects the country's GDP and GDP growth rate, especially when compared to India. However, there are still bright spots worth mentioning about Vietnam's economy. For instance, Vietnam's GDP per capita is higher than India's.

Is Vietnam a US ally

Vietnam is now considered to be a potential ally of the United States, especially in the geopolitical context of the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and in the containment of Chinese expansionism.

Is Korean or Vietnamese harder

According to FSI, the Foreign Service Institute, Vietnamese is categorized as Category IV of languages. The difficulty is just below learning Arabic, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese. It normally takes 44 weeks or 1100 class hours to reach fluency.

Is Vietnamese or Chinese harder

To English speakers, Vietnamese seems to be easier to learn than the Mandarin language. FSI put Mandarin in the category 'super-hard languages' that requires a native English speaker 2,200 hours to be fluent, while the Vietnamese just requires 1,100 hours.

What is Vietnam’s old name


Annam, which originated as a Chinese name in the seventh century, was the common name of the country during the colonial period. Nationalist writer Phan Bội Châu revived the name "Vietnam" in the early 20th century.

Is Vietnam an old country

Vietnam has one of the oldest and most continuous histories of any nation. The area has been inhabited by some of the world's earliest societies. The needs to control flooding along the Red River and fight off invaders caused the inhabitants to form one cohesive government early on in 2879 BC.

What rank is Vietnam Army

Vietnam is ranked 19 of 145 out of the countries considered for the annual Global Firepower review.

Is Vietnam War a big war

The war exacted an enormous human cost: estimates of the number of Vietnamese soldiers and civilians killed range from 966,000 to 3 million. Some 275,000–310,000 Cambodians, 20,000–62,000 Laotians, and 58,220 U.S. service members also died in the conflict.

Who is Vietnam’s closest ally

Vietnam has forged comprehensive strategic partnerships — the highest diplomatic designation — with China, India, Russia, and, most recently, South Korea. Many of Vietnam's strategic partners are U.S. allies, such as Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Are China and Vietnam allies

The two countries officially normalized diplomatic ties in 1991. Although both sides have since worked to improve their diplomatic and economic ties, the two countries remain in dispute over political and territorial issues in the South China Sea (or East Sea).