What is the difference between VS and VSOP and XO in cognac?

Is XO better than VSOP in cognac

→ VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale – aged at least four years. → XO or Napoleon means Extra Old – aged at least six years. There are even plans to change the definition of XO to be oak aged for at least ten years. → Extra Cognac is also aged at least six years but is a Cognac superior to an XO.

What are the 4 grades of cognac

VS Cognac. VS: Aged 2 Years +VSOP Cognac. VSOP: Aged 4 Years +XO Cognac. XO: Aged 10 Years +XXO Cognac. XXO: Aged 14 Years +Napoleon Cognac. Napoleon: Aged for a minimum of 6 Years +Réserve Cognac. Reserve: Aged for an average of 25 Years +Hors d'Age Cognac.Extra Cognac.

What is the difference of VSOP and XO

VSOP stands for “Very Superior Old Pale”: VSOP cognacs are created from eaux-de-vie aged for at least four years. The VSOP category includes designations such as “Old” or “Reserve”. XO stands for “Extra Old”: XO cognacs are made only from eaux-de-vie at least six years old.

What does XO mean on cognac

Extra Old

Invented by a cognac house in 1870, the cognac XO means « Extra Old ». Indeed, its eaux-de-vie are aged in barrels for at least 10 years. But an XO has, in general, an average age between 15 and 20 years because of its blend.

What are the 4 best cognac

The names of Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, and Rémy Martin, or the Big 4 Cognac Houses are instantly recognizable wherever in the world you might be. Indeed, these top four Cognac maisons dominate all global sales of the iconic French Brandy.

Why is cognac XO so expensive

Creating Cognac is an incredibly long and complicated process. It must be distilled twice and aged in French oak barrels for at least two years. For a Cognac to be considered as Extra Old (XO), it must have been aged for a minimum of 10 years.

What is the best grade of cognac

Hors d'Age is widely considered the highest quality Cognac. This will have been aged, usually for more than 30 years but in many instances, it is difficult to tell the exact age of Cognacs in this classification as they have been around for so long.

What is the highest quality of cognac

Hors d'Age is widely considered the highest quality Cognac.

Why is Hennessy XO so expensive

Why is Hennessy so expensive Cognac is typically more expensive than other spirits. The main reason is that the distillation process itself is more expensive. The spirits base ingredient is grapes, rather than grains, and distilling wine from juice is also an expensive process.

What is 5 star cognac

High-quality 5-star cognacs are made of aged cognac spirits, obtained from selected grape varieties. They are appreciated for their softness and excellent quality. After all, everyone can afford a 5-star cognac surprising by its luxurious quality.

Is XO cognac the best

XO Cognac has the richest and most mature flavor profile. It's often described as “spicy” and “intense,” but it's simultaneously the best Cognac for sipping, especially as a nightcap.

What are the top 4 brands of cognac

In a sea of brandy producers, “The Big Four” — Hennessy, Martell, Rémy Martin, and Courvoisier — have stood the test of time. Recognized by spirits aficionados around the world, each of the four houses offers drinkers a legacy and signature style befitting of every Cognac lover.

Is there a big difference between VS and XO Hennessy

The designations you see on Cognac labels—VS (Very Special), VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) and XO (Extra Old)—are a guarantee of how long a Cognac has been aged. VS indicates that the Cognac has been aged at least two years, VSOP at least four years and XO (Extra Old) at least six years.

Which is better Hennessy VS or VSOP

You can sip Hennessy VS on the rocks, with soda, ginger ale, or cola, or incorporate it into a cocktail. If you like a smoother but more robust flavor, Hennessy Privilege VSOP is the best choice for you.

Which grade of cognac is the best

Hors d'Age is widely considered the highest quality Cognac.