What is the evil eye symbol in Islam?

What does the evil eye mean in Islam

In Islam, the evil eye, or al-'ayn العين, also عين الحسودة), is a common belief that individuals have the power to cause harm to people, animals or objects, by looking at them in a way that indicates jealousy.

What does the eye symbol mean in Islam

A nazar (from Arabic ‏نَظَر‎ [ˈnaðˤar], meaning 'sight', 'surveillance', 'attention', and other related concepts) is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. The term is also used in Azerbaijani, Bengali, Hebrew, Hindi, Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu and other languages.

Is The evil eye amulet haram

“In our religion, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that attribute the ultimate influence on anything other than Allah are forbidden. For this reason, it is not permissible to wear evil eye amulets and similar things around the neck or anywhere for the purpose of benefiting from them.”

Is The evil eye good or bad

The evil eye is a curse from Greek culture that has been passed through many decades and still exists today. It states that when someone is envious of you, they'll have the power to give you an 'evil glare' and send bad luck your way.

How to avoid evil eye Islam

How to Protect Oneself from Evil Eye. – Recite the Sunnah morning and evening adhkār (see the book 'Daily Adhkar' by LWA). – Say MāshāAllah when one is bestowed or witnesses blessings. Seek blessings from Allah (subḥānahū wa taʿālā) for others by saying: 'BārakaAllahu feekum/lakum/'alaykum'.

Who can wear an evil eye

Anybody can wear the evil eye for protection, regardless of age, gender, spiritual affiliation, or emotional center. Use the symbolism of the evil eye to remind you that you are loved and protected in all areas of your life.

Is Blue eye Haram in Islam

The religious affairs ministry claims the use of the nazar, or evil eye symbol, is not allowed in Islam.

What does the blue evil eye mean


Here are the meanings behind different evil eye colors: Blue: Perhaps the most common color when it comes to evil eye amulets. A blue eye is the color of good luck or good karma. This color projects positive energies such as creativity, motivation, commitment as well as protection against evil eye.

Can Muslims wear amulets

Prophet Muhammad's companions strictly followed his commands with regard to forbiddance of charms and amulets.

Is it OK to wear evil eye jewelry

No, it is not bad luck to buy evil Eye jewelry for yourself. In fact, it is a sign of strength and independence to supply yourself with protection from the Evil Eye curse. You are recognizing your doubts and taking action, rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to protect you.

What religion is the evil eye from

Belief in the evil eye is ancient and ubiquitous; it occurred in ancient Greece and Rome, in Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions, and in indigenous, peasant, and other folk societies, and it has persisted throughout the world into modern times.

Is it bad to wear evil eye jewelry

No, it is not bad luck to buy evil Eye jewelry for yourself. In fact, it is a sign of strength and independence to supply yourself with protection from the Evil Eye curse. You are recognizing your doubts and taking action, rather than sitting around waiting for someone else to protect you.

How do you keep the evil eye away

You can use a mirror to guard you against the negative watch. You can use it through home decor or by carrying it with you. For example, even mirrored glasses will also allow you to save energy. For instance, hanging evil eye beads near the mirror will also improve protection.

When should you not wear the evil eye

There are times when you should not wear it. For example, you shouldn't wear your evil eye jewelry when you are sleeping or showering. It is said that when you wear your charm to bed, it will likely turn unlucky. And, if you wear it in the shower, it may lose power as well.

Can I gift evil eye

Wards Off Negative Energies

So gifting your special one with an evil eye diamond cut sterling silver bracelets is the perfect choice to protect them from such negative energies or vicious glare around them. After all, it is said that a negative glare is harmful and absorbs the positivities around you.

What do blue eyes mean in Islam

Negative representations of blue (and green) eyes in Arabic literature and art were ubiquitous in pre-Islamic Arabia, and even continue to appear today in such popular symbols as the blue-eyed devil, a key figure in the Nation of Islam's theology, and the evil eye, which is always rendered blue.

Is blue evil eye good luck

The evil eye amulet also has a history in Turkey, and it was commonplace and went by the name Nazar Boncuk. Since the Turkish believed that blue was the color for good luck, most people who wore these amulets had them made in blue.

Can Muslims wear bracelet

Islam didn't prohibit wearing jewelry for its believers. A Muslim woman can wear anything she wants. It is fully halal for a woman to wear jewelry and enrich their beauty.

Is beads allowed in Islam

Muslims may also use prayer beads to count multiple recitations of other phrases while in personal prayer. Some Muslims hang prayer beads in the home, or near young babies, in the mistaken belief that the beads will protect from harm.

What countries believe in evil eye

Cultures that have Evil Eye amulets or some variation include Armenia, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, India, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iraq where an evil eye amulet is often hung in homes, offices, cars or worn as jewellery.

What are the 3 evil eyes

The Different Types of Evil Eyes

Unconscious evil eyes: These types of evil eyes cause harm to people and things without necessarily intending to do so. Conscious evil eyes: These intend to cause harm and bad luck. Unseen evil eyes: These happen to be the most dangerous as they represent hidden evil.

Who wears evil eye jewelry

Decorations and charms that have an eye-like symbol referred to as "nazars" have appeared throughout history, and even in the Old Testament. These evil eye amulets are common in Greece, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Italy.

Can Arabic people have blue eyes

Arabs are not a race. Some have blue eyes and red hair; others are dark skinned; many are somewhere in between. Most Arabs are Muslims but there are also millions of Christian Arabs and thousands of Jewish Arabs, just as there are Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Americans.

What does the Quran say about eyes

The Verse of Evil Eye (Arabic: آیه وَإِن يَكَادُ) is verse 51 and 52 of Al-Qalam (Q68:51-52) in the Quran. It is usually recited for protection from the evil eye. It states: "And indeed, those who disbelieve would almost make you slip with their eyes when they hear the message, and they say: Indeed, he is mad.

What color is the most evil eye

Dark Blue Evil Eye

1. Dark Blue Evil Eye Meaning. Perhaps the most popular of all the evil eye colors, the dark blue evil eye is said to be used for karma and protecting fate. It is the most prominent and recognizable protection against a malevolent gaze and keeps you safe from evil intentions.