What should be avoided on Tet holiday?

What should people avoid doing during Tet holidays

Check this list for things you should not do on Tet to prepare for a pleasant and happy year ahead.Don't sweep the house or dump the garbage.Don't wear black and white clothes.Don't say bad or unlucky words.Don't argue during Tet.Abstain from crying, sadness, and anger.Don't break dishes.

Is everything closed during Tet in Vietnam

The majority close a few days ahead of the lunar new year and don't reopen for business for five or six days. There are however a few exceptions. For instance, the Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh City, the Ancient Town in Hoi An, and the Citadel in Hue are still open on Tet.

What are the traditions at Tet

For most Vietnamese, Tet is an opportunity for family reunions (many businesses close for the week as people return to their hometowns). Every home has an altar for honoring ancestors, and families flock to the gravesites of deceased loved ones, bearing flowers, incense and gifts.

Are restaurants open during Tet

Finding restaurants is not a problem. What you may be most concerned about turned out not to be an issue – where to eat. Many restaurants catering to tourists remain open during Tet. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are incredibly festive on the days leading up to Tet.

What do Vietnamese people avoid doing during the first 3 days of the Lunar New Year

Before Mung 1 (The first day of Lunar New Year)

People will clean and decorate their houses with flowers, kumquat trees, and peach flowers or yellow apricot blossoms. According to Vietnamese tradition, housework is often avoided during the first three days of the new year to keep the best luck inside the house.

What do Vietnamese people avoid during the first 3 days of Lunar New Year

Don't sweep the floor. Before Tet holiday, people should clean up their house, then during the first 3 days, they are not allowed to touch the broom anymore. It is believed that if we sweep our house in this time, we will sweep away all the fortune and luckiness.

What activities do during Tet holiday

10+ Things To Do On Tet Holiday In Vietnam“Refreshing” the house. Tet is the time for new things.Buying decorations.“Remaking” yourself.Making traditional Vietnamese cake.Worshiping the ancestors.New Year Eve's ceremony.Tasting Vietnamese traditional food.Watching fireworks.

Do buses run during Tet

All the major means of transportation continue to operate during Tết, but you really should book well in advance. You won't have much fun if you try to show up at the bus station and get a ticket for that same day – same with flights and trains.

How do people prepare for Tet holiday

Throughout Vietnam, preparations for Tết begin weeks in advance, as cleaning, decorating, and sprucing up is a big part of the holiday tradition. Vietnamese shop for new clothes, get haircuts, cook special dishes, buy flowers, and even wash their motorcycles.

What do you usually eat on Tet holiday

10 Traditional Vietnamese Food For Tet HolidayBanh Chung (Vietnamese Square Sticky rice cake)Banh Tet.Thit Kho Trung (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Eggs)Cu Kieu (Pickled Scallion) & Tom Kho (Dried shrimp)Ga luoc (Boiled chicken)Xoi gac (Gac sticky rice)Cha Lua (pork bologna)Mut (Candied Fruits)

What is open during Tet in Saigon

Do the tourist spots close in this occasion Normally they will stay open during Tet holiday as this is also the high season for tourism in Vietnam. In Saigon, some popular attractions that you can visit this time are War Remnant Museum, Reunification Palace, Ben Thanh market, etc. and all pagodas.

What is considered bad luck in Vietnam

Some examples include: Put mirrors in front of doors to scare away dragons. If the first person you see on your way to do business is a woman, you will have bad luck on your business trip and should try another day. Praising a newborn too much can cause the devils to steal it for its desirability.

Is 7 unlucky in Vietnam

In Vietnamese culture, numbers like 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 are thought of as lucky numbers. Particularly number 8, because the Chinese pronunciation of it sounds like the word “Phat” in meaning “wealth, prosperity”.

What food is unlucky for Lunar New Year

This is because they swim backwards which indicates that there may likely be problems in the coming year. White foods such as eggs, tofu and white cheeses have an unlucky color that signifies death. As such, all white foods are avoided during this occasion.

Is it bad luck to clean before Lunar New Year

Don't clean on the first day of Lunar New Year

If you have a big Lunar New Year's Eve family dinner, be sure to clean up before the clock strikes midnight. Good luck is believed to begin when the clock strikes 12, so you want to be sure not to wipe, sweep, or wash away any of that luck.

Do you do something different during Tet holiday

It is believed that no Vietnamese person wants to get stuck in debts in the coming year, so one of the Dos during Tet holiday in Vietnam is paying all debts and borrowed items before New Year's Eve. This custom implies that there is no debt occurring to people through the new year.

What activity do you like most during Tet

Activities on Tet Holiday in VietnamSweeping tomb.Cleaning and decorating houses.Farewelling the Kitchen Kings.Erecting the New Year Tree.Going to the flower market.Going to the fair.Attending the Spring Flower Festivals.Going to the “Tết” Market.

What to do during Tet in Vietnam

There are a lot of customs practiced during Tet such as visiting a person's house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà), ancestral worship, wishing New Year's greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people and opening a shop. Tet is also an occasion for pilgrims and family reunions.

What to do during Tet in Ho Chi Minh City

Instagrammable Spots in Ho Chi Minh City during TetPham Ngoc Thach Street.Nguyen Hue Flower Street.Tet Flower Markets.Vinh Nghiem Pagoda.Ben Binh Dong Flower Floating Market.Saigon Center Takashimaya.Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street.Notre Dame Cathedral.

What do you usually do during the Tet holiday

Vietnamese people usually return to their families during Tet. Some return to worship at the family altar or visit the graves of their ancestors in their homeland. Although Tet is a national holiday among all Vietnamese, each region and religion has its own customs.

What should you do before Tet

Preparations usually begin a week before Tet, as people start to return home, clean their family graves, worship at their family altars and decorate their homes with apricot blossoms, peach blossoms and kumquat trees, symbolizing the hope of prosperity and well-being.

What do you do during Tet holiday

Many customs and traditions are practiced during Tết, such as visiting a person's house on the first day of the new year (xông nhà), ancestor worship, exchanging New Year's greetings, giving lucky money to children and elderly people, opening a shop, visiting relatives, friends, and neighbors.

What do you wear at Tet

Ao Dai, the traditional Vietnamese long dress, is very popular during Tet. These gowns, in the graceful traditional style or more colorful and innovative styles, enhance the charm of Vietnamese women. Long gowns in vivid colors are favored by Vietnamese women.

What things are offensive in Vietnam

Common taboos in VietnamAvoid Public Touching: Public displays of affection are not seen as appropriate.Modesty: It is important to keep your body covered.Head is Sacred: The head is considered the most sacred part of the body, so do not touch anyone on the head.

What colors are unlucky in Vietnamese culture

Numbers: The Vietnamese believe the number 9 brings luck. 8 is also considered lucky. The 1 and 8 of 18, adding up to 9, are considered auspicious. Colours: White, black, purple and green have negative connotations of death, evil, sadness/fragility and jealousy, respectively.