Why do people still pay for music?

How would your grandfather feel if you give him some hip hop music to listen to

6. How would your grandfather react if you gave him some hip-hop music My grandfather has an extraordinary ability to accomplish things outside the usual realm. If I gave him some hip-hop music, he would pay close attention to it.

Why are some music competitions popular in your country

Many young people like watching music competitions. They can listen to a lot of new songs and know some outstanding singers. Another important reason is that the music competitions offer a platform for people to show their singing abilities. Many people are inspired to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams.

Why is hip hop so bad now

The Death of Lyrics

Instead, we're often bombarded with lyrics full of vulgarity and misogyny, or with mumble and SoundCloud rappers who seem to put little effort into crafting their lyrics. For those of us who grew up with old school hip hop, this shift can feel jarring and disappointing.

Do kids like their parents music

And the 20-year-olds of today liked the older songs as much as the new stuff they listen to with peers. For real "They would hear this music and say, 'Oh yeah, that's my parents' music,' with obvious fondness," says Carol Lynne Krumhansl, the psychology professor at Cornell University who led the study.

Do people in your country prefer music over art

They love art and appreciate artists. Do people in your country prefer music over art Answer: Yes, they do. Music is an integral part of people's life.

What country is best in music

1. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Out of all countries, the United States of America has the finest music. Music by American musicians travels all over the world, and they appear to entirely control the top lists of new hits as well as the sheer number of songs on the radio.

Is hip-hop losing popularity

According to a new report from the publication, there hasn't been a single hip-hop song or album that has topped the Billboard 200 or Hot 100 charts in 2023. The decline marks the first time in 30 years that hip-hop has been knocked off its top spot for this long of a stretch since 1993.

Is rap getting less popular

The interest in the musical genre of hip hop and rap music, in general, has been declining steadily since 2004. One could say the interest has been slowly dying. However, hip hop and rap music aren't dead. When looking at the interest in the musical genre of rapping, it stayed stable over the past years.

What age is appropriate for music

Earliest Recommended Ages

Earliest Age to Start Music Lessons
Piano 4+
Guitar 7+
Drums 7+
Voice 9+

Does music taste come from parents

He told us: “Children have an 'openness' to new music, and this means parents have an important role to play in developing the music tastes of their kids. By playing children a variety of genres before this critical period, research suggests they will enjoy lots of different types of music as adults.”

What country uses music the most

1: United States. The music market in the United States is more than triple the size of any other country's, coming in at a projected $15.1 billion for 2016. Live music ticket sales make up the largest share of the market, home to six of the 10 highest grossing venues.

Which country listens to the most music


Rank Market Streaming
1 United States n/a
2 Japan n/a
3 United Kingdom n/a
4 Germany n/a

Which country has the best singers in Asia

Obviously, it's the Philippines. Philippines has the best vocal powerhouse, Philippines has the most number of singers.

Who is the best singer in Asia

Greatest Singers of Asia1 Siti Nurhaliza – Malaysia.2 Sonu Nigam – India Sonu Nigam is an Indian playback singer, live performer, host and actor.3 Lata Mangeshkar – India Lata Mangeshkar was an Indian playback singer and music director.

Is Kpop more popular than rap

Pop, rock and oldies were the top three favorite genres from across the globe, while hip-hop/rap, dance/electronic and indie/alternative also preceded K-pop in the rankings. Metal, R&B and classical music followed. According to the report, hip-hop is popular particularly among those aged 16-24.

Will rap ever go away

So, is rap music losing popularity Rap Music has lost a bit of popularity in recent years, however, it's still an extremely popular and successful genre of music, and there are good reasons for the popularity of rap music. So right now, it doesn't look like rap will fall off in the near future.

Why is hip-hop declining

Billboard theorizes that the decline is due to the "most popular and reliable artists," like Megan Thee Stallion and Young Thug, not dropping new material due to mental and legal issues. Viral hip-hop favorites like Lil Durk and YoungBoy Never Broke Again have yet to reach crossover appeal.

Is 19 too old to start music

You're Never Too Old To Learn Music

No, you aren't too old to play music. It's an old myth. As an adult you even have many advantages over children in learning to play music.

Is 22 too old to start music

Singers Who Started Late

But many performers have proved that with dedication, commitment and hard work they can achieve their goals. No matter how old they are when they get started. Age is not a barrier to being a good singer.

Is music taste attractive

Discovering the music that tickles a person's eardrums seems to reveal a lot, not only about their personality. A study in the Psychology of Music found that music is also a good reflection of our values, which is why we are drawn more to people who have the same taste.

Is the music you like genetic

While genetic influence on the music we like (55%) is clear, genes have a significantly lower influence (25%) on our motivations for listening to music.

Why is Japan music industry so big

Listening to music is a popular pastime for many people around the world, and Japan is no exception in this regard. Owing to the country's large population and the economic affluency of consumers, the Japanese music market is one of the largest of its kind.

Who is the best female singer in Asia

Top 10 Greatest Ever Female Singers from AsiaSaloma (Malaysia)Elvy Sukaesih (Indonesia)Ros Sereysothea (Cambodia)Hibari Misora (Japan)Teresa Teng (Taiwan)Pompuang Duangjan (Thailand)Bai Guang (China)Hetty Koes Endang (Indonesia)

Which is the biggest music industry in Asia

Japan, worldwide known for its blend of traditional and modern music styles, with J-pop and anime soundtracks, is the second-largest music market globally and the largest in Asia.

Who is No 1 vocalist in Kpop


Jeon Jung-kook, known as Jungkook, is the superstar main vocalist of the highly popular K-pop band BTS. He had already made a name for himself as a vocalist in the group but recently branched out to release some solo songs that really showcase his talent. He has a natural charisma and the talent to back it up.