What does full fully mean?

What is the meaning of fully in a sentence

adverb [ADVERB adjective, ADVERB with verb] Fully means to the greatest degree or extent possible. She was fully aware of my thoughts. I don't fully agree with that. Synonyms: completely, totally, perfectly, entirely More Synonyms of fully.

What does come complete with mean

phrase. If one thing comes complete with another, it has that thing as an extra or additional part. The diary comes complete with a gold-coloured ballpoint pen. [ + with]

How do you use full and fully

The tank is full of glittering flowers. ( Adjective of Quality )The class is in full swing. ( Adjective )The theatre is full. ( adjective)I am fully satisfied. ( adverb which qualifies the adjective / verb ' satisfied' )She is fully unaware of it. (She is fully unhappy.

What does fully in person mean

in person in American English

in one's own bodily presence; personally. Applicants are requested to apply in person. See full dictionary entry for person.

What does fully finished mean

1 to the greatest degree or extent; totally; entirely. 2 amply; sufficiently; adequately.

What does finally complete mean

1 after a long delay; at last; eventually. 2 at the end or final point; lastly. 3 completely; conclusively; irrevocably.

What is the opposite of full full

empty blank
What is the opposite of full

empty blank
hollow emptied
unsubstantial bereft
uncharged unprimed
missing scant

How can I say I’m full

How to say I'm. Full without saying I'm full guys this is delicious let's eat more.

What does life fully mean

Definition of 'live life to the full'

If you say that someone lives life to the full, you mean that they try to gain a lot from life by being always busy and trying new activities.

What does I am fully alive mean

When you are fully alive, you choose to live life to its fullest extent; you're fully engaged in every aspect of your life and taking full advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You're engaging with the world around you and learning as much as possible. Every experience means the world to you.

What is the difference between completely and finished

1. To complete something means to do it entirely. 2. To finish is to end it.

What does it mean to be fully furnished

Something that's furnished is supplied with whatever it needs. A fully furnished kitchen has every appliance and ingredient you need to cook meals for yourself. When you rent a furnished apartment, it comes will all the furniture you need, including a bed, chairs, table, dresser, and sofa.

Is it finally or finally

Spelling of Finally: Finally is spelled f-i-n-a-l-l-y. Definition of Finally: Finally is an adverb meaning after a long time, and it usually involves some sort of delay or difficulty. Additionally, it is often used to introduce the last premise or point in an argument.

How do you say something is complete

Synonyms of completefinish.perfect.finalize.consummate.accomplish.get through.fulfill.fulfil.

What’s another word for full or complete

total, not lacking) entire. exhaustive. full. outright.

What is a synonym for full whole

Some common synonyms of whole are all, entire, and total. While all these words mean "including everything or everyone without exception," whole implies that nothing has been omitted, ignored, abated, or taken away.

How do you say full full

Full let's try those full full full full full full April Fool's Day is full of tricks.

What is a fancy word for feeling full


Is it living life to the full or fullest

If you say that someone lives life to the full, you mean that they try to gain a lot from life by being always busy and trying new activities.

What is a full and happy life

Generally, a happy life is about living in the present and taking care of your needs at that moment. Your goals and desires are more short-term, and it's all about your feelings in that given time. Some researchers have connected happiness to subjective well-being, which ties into overall life satisfaction.

Who said fully human fully alive


Irenaeus, the great second-century theologian, could express the essence of Christianity with the pithy adage “the glory of God is a human being fully alive!”

What is a person full of life

Definitions of full of life. adjective. full of spirit. “a dynamic full of life woman” synonyms: lively, vital alive, animated.

What does completely done mean

If you say that something is over and done with, you mean that it is completely finished and you do not have to think about it any more. [spoken] Once this is all over and done with you can have a rest. Synonyms: finished, done, over, ended More Synonyms of over and done with. See full dictionary entry for done.

What is the synonym of fully finished

Some common synonyms of finish are close, complete, conclude, end, and terminate. While all these words mean "to bring or come to a stopping point or limit," finish may stress completion of a final step in a process. after it is painted, the house will be finished.

What is bare vs fully furnished

Fully furnished condo units are those that are fully equipped with the essential things usually found in typical condo homes. This includes all the amenities that one needs to live conveniently in a home. A bare condo unit, on the other hand, just provides the space you need.